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Welcome to LIFT

LIFT coordinates existing transportation services throughout Southwest Wisconsin. When you call LIFT, we will recommend the most cost-effective transportation available. We are a community-based initiative to improve transportation in our area. If there isn't already a service available, we have a volunteer driver network to get you where you need to go. LIFT is collaboration of county governments and regional agencies constantly looking for new and cost-effective ways to improve transportation in Southwest Wisconsin.

For more information about LIFT, please use the menu on the right side of the page to explore what we have to offer, or stop in at our office in the Metropolitan Building in Dodgeville.

Up to 80% of the cost of this project is expected to be covered by federal funding provided by the Federal Transit Administration under 49 USC Section 5317 (CFDA 20.521).


 LIFT is working with SWWRPC on a new project!

Find out more by following this link: Southwest Transportation Collaborative



Part of our 2013 transportation development initiative is The New American Bus Stop Project. If we build bus stops, will buses come?

People waiting in bus stops are people waiting for a ride. If we build bus stops in southwest Wisconsin, will people use them to wait for rides? Will people driving by in their passenger vehicles stop to pick up a passenger? Check back for more information about this project!